October 27-29, 2014 | Palais des Congrès de Montréal | Montréal, Québec

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Special Attendee Types


Government Agency

A full-time employee of a Canadian or international government agency (federal, provincial, local or tribal). Government-supported universities or colleges, government contractors, and government consultants do not qualify. Economic development organizations should register under the Government category.

Education - Full-Time Student or Faculty

To qualify for the Student/Faculty registration rate you must be a current full-time student or faculty member at an educational institution. You must bring your institution ID to registration to verify your status.

Non-Profit Wind Power / Clean Energy Advocacy Groups

Discounted registrations are available to certain non-profit wind power / clean energy organizations that receive pre-approval by CanWEA. This category is intended for specific wind power / clean energy advocacy groups as well as qualified environmental or energy related non-profits such as the Sierra Club, Energy Foundation or World Wildlife Fund among others. Economic development organizations do not qualify for the non-profit registration rate and instead should register under the government registration category. Email [email protected] with your full contact information and a brief description of your non-profit organization including a link to your organization website to request non-profit approval.


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